No Autumn is Complete...

...without a long stroll in Central Park. Recently, I was inspired by Traveling Lens, a NYC photographer known for vibrant NYC urban streets photos. Vivienne Gucwa is a story teller through her photos. She walks around NYC during extreme weather and captures striking photos. I was on a hunt. I wanted to go to Central Park when the trees were in maximum color. I kept watch on Instagram by searching #centralpark tag. When I reached Central Park a couple weeks back, I realized Instagram fooled me! Only half the trees were in full autumn. But that does not stop me! Here are some shots from that day:

Fall 26
Fall 25
Fall 22
Fall 24
Fall 23
Fall 20
Fall 21
Fall 19
Fall 18
Fall 15
Fall 16
Fall 17
Fall 14


Fall Arrived!

Fall has arrived!!! It is absolutely, hands-down my favorite season of the year. I love snapping shots of the crisp yellow and bright red trees. Hand me some apple cider or pumpkin ale and, trust me, I will enjoy my drink . Yum Yum. A couple weeks back, we took a trip to Warwick, NY and visited Pennings Farm. I highly recommended this for any fall lovers! They have an amazing market with a bar in the back. Also, the drive to Warwick from Westchester was beautiful. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

Fall 12
Fall 02
Fall 03
Fall 11
Fall 10
Fall 09
Fall 07
Fall 08
Fall 06
Fall 05
Fall 04