Portland, OR

Portland is a great blend of city and nature. I find the city very welcoming and people are super friendly. I was really lucky and it didn't rain when I was there. I took full advantage of that and explored with my sister for a couple of days. Watch my adventure:


Pioneer Square

Portland, OR 02

So many people ride their bicycles in Portland. Recently, they launched their first official bike-share system. It's very eye catching!

Portland, OR 03

The touristy stuff: Powell's Books

Portland, OR 04

Lan Su's Chinese Garden

Portland, OR 06
Portland, OR 08

Tilikum Crossing - a super awesome looking pedestrian, bicycle, public transport bridge in the "City of Bridges". The civil engineer in me geeked out.

Portland, OR 09
Portland, OR 10

Japanese Gardens

Portland, OR 17
Portland, OR 18
Portland, OR 19

International Rose Test Garden:

Portland, OR 20
Portland, OR 21
Portland, OR 22
Portland, OR 23

Multnomah Falls (20 min outside of the city center):


Portland, OR 12
Portland, OR 13


(The most important part)

Voodoo Doughnuts - the first thing I got when I landed in Portland...

Portland, OR 01

Every cup of coffee in Portland was amazing to the last drop (i'm slightly addicted). Stumptown originally started in Portland! 

Portland, OR 05

Pok Pok - Thai influenced food...amazing wings and super savory food. Super excited to try the New York version of this, because it was pretty good.

Portland, OR 14

When in Portland, I had to try the breweries here! Sour beers at Cascade Brewery were amazing, especially the honey ginger lime.

Portland, OR 11

Ice cream at Salt and Straw was memorable. Their flavors are super unique. Two weeks later from this trip, I am still craving their olive oil ice cream. Can't find a place in NYC that comes even close :(

Portland, OR 15
Portland, OR 16

More doughnuts! Blue Star is hands down better tasting than Voodoo.

Portland, OR 24

The famous Deschutes Brewery - someone teach me how to say it! (The lighting though....)

Portland, OR 25